Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 223/365: Celebration of Jenny Kee: Day 14

Ken Done glasses, Jenny Kee silk obi, Peer Gynt vintage dress, Havaianas thongs (and just for the record, I was given these, I kind of hate thongs actually - especially branded thongs!!).

It can be hard sometimes in Sydney's mini-wave of humidity and heat to achieve the 1980s *over-the-top* style I'm so attracted to. After last night's record-breaking temperatures (it was still 33 degrees at midnight!), I've opted today for quietly casual.

How funny then to just find out that my vintage halterneck dress is branded 'Peer Gynt'. Peer Gynt is also an 1860s Norwegian play about procrastination and avoidance. So I say 'funny' because the LiP and I have actually spent the morning de-weeding and sweeping the outside of our house which was becoming seriously jungle-esque from our avoidance for months. It proved hard, dirty, sweaty work - after which all I wanted to wear was as little as possible. That said, I was proud enough with our work to make it my photo location today!

Today too we bid farewell to my Jenny Kee collection. A big thanks to the wonderful *lady* for her contribution to Australian fashion. But if you're like me, and too much Kee is not nearly enough, you can check her out on The Late Session this Tuesday night. From all accounts (see under 'Rocked by Kee insights') it was a "fortifying glass of Shiraz" that emboldens her. For me, I will mark the end of this JK celebration with an invigorating beer straight from the freezer. No procrastination or avoidance on that count :-)


Liz said...

After all the effort that this blog must take Jackie, I cannot imagine you ever procrastinating or avoiding! Even your less-is-more effort of today is lovely. Thankyou.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Shucks Liz, you are a darling!