Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 224/365

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done top donated by Cousin Christine, vintage Country Road denim skirt (Newtown op shop), Jonathan Aston tights, Fluevogs.

I'm welcoming back the *joys* of Ken Done design with this lovely top donated to What Ken Be Done by Cousin Christine. Wearing this particular KD (with it's calming tones!) reminds me just how much you are all helping me with this year-long challenge. I couldn't be doing it alone, that's for sure! Thanks, thanks xo

And is it time to start asking what your favourites have been so far? You must know by now I like to be a crowd pleaser! :-)


Lyndel said...

Oh nice top!.. favourite? I'll have to do some long, hard thinking about that, get back to you soon!

Bec said...

Without a doubt the guset on the shoulder was my favorite!

Liz said...

I've loved everyday of this Jackie. I have especially loved when others have been involved with their photographs and donations. We did laugh the day you were feeling unwell and took the photograph on the Ken Done lounge! Also the draught stopper was very funny.

birdmonkey said...

day 187- for the *best* KD item. I love that jumper!

In fact all the Japan days whrere special for me. That jumper from Penrith in conjunction with Fuji was very special for me... I will write a post on Magnetic Glimpses soon (draft of chapter 1 almost done)

Also love day 214. and have not scanned back to winter yet.

Also the best ays are the ones to come where you give us more surprises.

birdmonkey said...

love the story and pic on day 31
but also Day 25 as I now own the dress! and I am amazed because even my LiP likes it!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Birdmokey - start saving, that jumper will go up for auction - and I do hope the bidding is fierce... it truly is spectacular! A *real* piece of Ken Done history, that one :-) (Oh, and super congratulations on Chapter 1 Draft)

LiPs everywhere - UNITE in love of us wearing Done!

Thanks to you all for your comments, I'll keep doing my very *best* to offer up more fun outfits, and more 'creative' style (even when it goes wrong!)!