Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 225/365

I have it on *good* authority that Ken Done's favourite colour is yellow. Now yellow happens to be my favourite colour too, but I must say I'm also quite partial to orange.

This meant when birdmonkey donated this bag to What Ken Be Done recently, I felt the *joy* of it's colouring immediately (yellow, orange and pink - how 1980s!). And when I was thinking about showcasing the bag last night, I wondered what orange I actually owned... fortunately after a rustling amongst my goods, I found this cardigan and silk Coach scarf (another Penrith op shop find!).

Today too, you get two looks with this playful bag; check out artist Emma (and semi-regular *lovely* WKBD model!), styling KD with flair, and a Laura Ashley jumpsuit. An undercut, fluro KD bag and Laura Ashley florals - now that's *good*!

And how about you? Favourite colours?


Lyndel said...

oh my you look HOT in orange, and I love Emma's interpretation of wearing that classy bag with the jumpsuit.

YOU do not need a Coach silk scarf! LOL.

Popsie said...

I love Emma's undercut.

I love your orange cardigan. It pops in my computer screen.

I was going to say I love your red outfits the most, but then I scrolled down just this page and saw your black & white day... and you even made brown tones work.

What Ken Be Done? said...

I've got to say, I think this bag is beginning to win the 'Quiet Achiever' Ken Done award. Every time I go into my Ken Done bag box it jumps out for attention, and it makes me realise that I do love to wear pink, yellow, orange and red tones - preferably all together!!

*Good* find, Birdmonkey!