Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 227/365

Lafont glasses, vintage brooch as necklace, Miss Shop dress (op shop), The Social Studio leggings, vintage cape, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag.

I. *Love*. This. Bag.
*good* news, your participation in our online WKBD eBay auctions has raised $214 more dollars straight to The Social Studio. Well Done! (And next set of auctions will be quite soon, so start putting pennies in your piggy bank!)

And PLEASE, successful bidders we are very *excited* to see your own photos working Ken Done with style! Send them in for us all to see, and share in the KD *love* :-)


Lyndel said...

Yes the bag is cute. A cosmetic travel case. How very 80s.
However, the cape, Wow, ok so its not KD but still WOW. I love it.

T.C. said...

I love the tights.

A.Fan said...


I will donate $10 for each photo that is submitted by one of your successful ebay auction bidders and then posted by you to this blog. They can be from the first round of sales or the second.

Keep up the *good* work. I look forward to making this donation.


birdmonkey said...

@A.Fan-That is incredibly generous and a great challenge- but did you not buy something? are you going to remain a secret identity?

Jackie I second Lyndel that cape is fabulous- I love the whole look today.

Joanne said...

Love the cape. You really are a superhero!

A.Fan said...

Birdmonkey, one of my few indulgences is this damn blog. Otherwise I'm too darn busy earning money to play dress ups, although I do sometimes wish I had that freedom. The only colour I will reveal, is the colour of my money. that is the best I can do for Jackie and the great cause.

Anonymous said...

Interesting outfit - I wasn't sure at first, but on revisiting it a few times, I do really like it - as always, you wear it well...on the rest of us however, that outfit would not work one bit. Congratulations on it all.

What Ken Be Done? said...

I'm so *pleased* that the cape proved popular... it is a bit of special gem in my wardrobe... and one of those finds in some back-water Perth op-shop. Who have thunk it would end up here, with so much love 5 years on...

And Anon, I think a few people in person would agree to parts of your comment. I certainly had quite a number of outright stares on this day, and the ever-friendly coffee-maker lady that serves me yelled with delight that I looked like Wonder Woman. Naturally, I took it as a complete compliment! :-)

Go A.Fan, Go! Thanks for your business sense, and ability to rabble us together to keep taking action :-)

Finally, I really do just LOVE that Ken Done bag. Genius find, even I do say so myself!