Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 228/365

H&M hoop earrings from Japan, Australis scarf (donated by birdmonkey), Holeproof vintage leotard, Mondi skirt and Oroton belt from op shops, Jonathan Aston stockings, Diesel pumps, Photios Brothers vintage earrings as show clips, Ken Done bag, Australis scarf (donated by eBay store Atomic Love, organised by Paula).

You could hardly blame *darling* Birdmonkey for thinking this Australis scarf was *pure* Ken Done. She was - of course - excited to spot it at an op shop, and she quickly donated it to us at What Ken Be Done for some inspiration (but not before a wonderful photo herself!). However, alas, what this scarf actually is, is copy-cat KD par excellence.

If I were feeling generous of this imitation Done-work, I would admit that the colour and design of this Australis scarf are really quite 1980s-wonderful. Especially compared to the white version I've worn before. But I'm not sure I'm feeling particularly generous with such outright stealing of style!! :-)

Another piece of inspiration today is this *true* 1980s vintage Mondi skirt. You know a skirt is vintage when it proudly proclaims on it's label that it's made in Western Germany! (Check out here Modi's rad 1980s style - from a Vogue 1986 also to donated to WKBD.)
And my last piece of *joy* comes from these fantastic photos sent in of Tilly. This darling child is truly epitomising the *fun* that comes when one comes in contact with Ken Done!! How inspiring xo


JJ said...

You better be careful Ruddock. If you keep on featuring gorgeous little people on your blog, you are going to be overshadowed very quickly.

Lovely fun outfit on you today. cheery and flattering.

Lyndel said...

you certainly look great today, but agree with JJ, young Tilly sure does take the cake. What a great 'pose' coming down the steps with KD Bag at exactly the right angle for the photographer. Well *Done* Miss T.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Happy to be out-Done by Miss Tilly, any time ! :-)

(And yes, Lyndel, the photographer was a true *genius* with that first shot - what a wonderful snap!)