Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 229/365

This is my attempt at what I would call a 'Saturday Morning Casual Look'. We've been drivin' around the suburbs donating no-longer wanted items to op shops, only then to go inside the same charity stores and buy wanted outfits! So in order to make clothing work on a day such as this, I like to wear gear I can quickly change in and out of, but still feel enough like 'me'. Somehow, today, I think it turned into some kind of 50s diner-style / clownish mash up. But the folks of Rockdale seemed happy enough, and I'm so *pleased* to finally get this Ken Done pineapple t-shirt out for some Sydney love (because Melbourne already had a sneak-peek thanks to my brother!).

Oh, and you'll get to see the fruits of today's op-shopping labour soon :-)


Lyndel said...

wow... and with pineapples being in such short supply soon, (together with bananas and sugarcane), It is nice to remind the good folk of Rockdale what they look like!

A.Fan said...

Somehow. Everyday. You make it work.

birdmonkey said...

my comments seemed to have gone missing.

This is a bit of a different look for you and I love it! love the t-shirt and the socks that only go over the ankle...a Japan purchase?

Kate said...

It's like better than the big pineapple!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hey, who knew pineapples could be so much fun?! The top certainly has a *pop* to it, yes?!!! Thanks lovelies xo

Birdmonkey - re. sock detail, not Japan, but in fact socks that got holes, so I just cut them off at the heels for a cross between leg warmers and ankle scarves!

And, yes, something happened in the look today, didn't it? Not quite sure what... we might well see if its possible to repeat again, or not :-)