Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 231/365

It's a Double-Done Monday! Check out this *smashing* Ken Done singlet working oh-so-well with my Social Studio re-mixed design skirt (worn also Day 164/365). In fact, I'm liking the pattern-match of this outfit so much that it feels like it could be a perfect week-day uniform... But then again, getting me in the same clothes each day, day in and out, just doesn't feel quite right now, does it?!

And speaking of Double-Done, check out the *gorgeous* Tilly making her hat-trick appearance on What Ken Be Done with this *super* two piece Ken Done outfit. Perfect when a gal's got some scootering to do, really!


Anonymous said...

Tilly really is gorgeous, she should have her own blog: "Life from the Scooter" or something.

Jackie, you blend into the background with today's effort.

Lyndel said...

so is that your KD camo outfit?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Just you wait and see where this camouflage outfit has ended up... I'll be filling you very shortly!

And, yes, we all agree Tilly IS TRULY gorgeous!