Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 233/365

Vintage glasses from Japan, Photios Bros. vintage earrings, homemade beaded necklace, vintage Table Eight dress (op shop), tights from Japan, Fluevogs, Ken Done purse (WKBD collection).

Yesterday, a reader, 'LP', made this hilarious comment after seeing the article online:

I think this is a fantastic project! I am glad that Ms Ruddock is not at my workplace though. I'm not sure I could cope first thing in the morning.

One particular work colleague, Yuri, thought this comment was so *ace* he specifically came into my office laughing at me. "It's true!" he yelled. (And perhaps that's why he's recently stopped sharing an office with me?!).

So with that in mind, I thought I'd wear a bit of an 'optical-illusion' dress to the office today. Thank *goodness* I have a Ken Done purse in a *confusion* of black & white, to further mess with Yuri's mind! (The clash of my pink tights and red beads are to ensure this outfit has a knock-out effect).

Speaking of the office, now there's work to be Done...


kane said...

Indeed Jackie. Violence is rarely needed to make a knock out blow, one only needs to combine patterns and colours ( and therefore Mr Done is ideal) to render most people speechless.

You do that most days. Keep it up.

Frances said...

As someone who also dresses for work like a box of crayola crayons threw up on them, people learn to cope with my outfits first thing in the morning. Even the sensitive ones.

I LOVE your style. Now you've got me scouring ebay for vintage Ken Done.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Welcome Frances, and *good* luck for all your Ken Done finding - especially if it includes sending in a photo of yourself in it first... your description of clothing in the morning is *gold* :-)

Thanks Kane, you know my motto: combine, combine, combine and NEVER let it stop!

skb said...

I LOVE Frances' comment about the crayolas...that has made me laugh a lot - so succint and creates a perfect image in an instant! I think that purse would match the scarf you have - with the identical pattern. Although having said that, and on reflecting on some of the outfits you've shared, perhaps matching isn't quite the look you're after. Actually, now on more reflection, no further style or fashion advice needs to be conveyed - you do it all so well! Xx