Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 234/365: This post will cost A. Fan $20 to read!

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done re-purposed shirt (donated Ken & Judy Done), vintage Saba dress, Jonathan Aston stockings, Fluevogs.

I found two of these shirts in a box of goodies that Judy Done-ated to the project. The original version with sleeves, can be seen on Day 141/365. But today I feature the second shirt which I cut the sleeves off to create a sleeveless bolero with matching cuffs! I'm always nervous before cutting in to a Done item, it feels somewhat sacrilegious! What do you reckon of my handiwork? Personally, I like the result and I'll reckon I will be rockin' the office 1980s style today, for sure :-)
And check out this *rockin* outfit created by Queen Done-nut Lyndel. She's *perfectly* styling up her eBay win Ken Done scarf (Day 30/365) and matched it oh-so-well with her snakeskin top. And not happy with just one auction item (all money raised going directly to The Social Studio), she's sent in a second photo too (worn Day 143/365). That's $20 so far being donated by A. Fan. Woo hoo!


Sally said...

The re-purposed shirt! And the cuffs, oh the cuffs have made my day.

A.Fan said...

$20 coming your way Jackie............. I'd like to give more....... Thank you for playing Lyndel.

Joanne said...

Well done Lyndel and A.Fan!

Love your restyling Jackie :)

Lyndel said...

Thank YOU A.Fan. I wish I could do more for WKBD, but playing along helps I'm sure, and I really, really enjoy the blog every single day.