Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 235/365

Ken Done glasses, earrings & brooch from Japan, vintage Kaye Scott jacket (from op shop), belt (stolen from LiP for the day, Munk shorts (op shop), fishnet / plain stocking match, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag (donated by Susan).

I'm off to university today to deliver a paper on comics to an academic inspiration of mine. It would be fair to say I'm feeling *excitement* and *anxiety* in equal degrees. For the anxiety, I've got this kitsch-supremo Japanese kitten brooch. I mean, how could anyone say something academically-brutal (even if it is constructive) to me when I'm wearing such a cute brooch?! For the excitement, I'm being inspired by this *amazing* vintage Kaye Scott jacket, which I found in an op shop in Kensington. Mustard-colouring, pattern-clash, bat-wing sleeves and oversizing - could you get anymore '80s?!!

So today we might ask, was it Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory? No! It's Mistress Mustard in the classroom!


Lyndel said...

I've never thought of YOU as a 'brown' (mustard) type of gal. Wow! that looks great. I don't know, remember, who Kaye Scott was but that is one fab jacket.

Ginny said...

Oh how I LOLed when that silly looking cat appeared in my screen as I scrolled. I hope it saved you from the academic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Jackie. Dont forget leg warmers were very 1980's so when you take to the sleeves with sizzors its a good idea to keep them and re-model them when you need a leg warmer or two.
I love your kitty brooch reminds me of a dear little pussy I used to know.
Love your style. Libby xx

birdmonkey said...

I Hope the presentation went well today. Totally love the jacket.