Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 236/365: Join the Carnival!

Do you like my new, donated Ken Done glasses case**?
It proves very useful for my new vintage specs!
As you can see I've gone a little bit *carnival*, a little bit *troppo* today. I find myself seeing strange circus animals everywhere... on my brooch, my skirt, my jacket and even on my face! The animals are taking over! So why not join me at this carnival, and enjoy the ride today...
Vintage Sunski glasses, Tokyo Kamen brooch, re-purposed jacket by me from a Carol Hanlon original (80's Aussie designer), hand-made skirt from Fifties Fair, Fluevogs, donated Ken Done glasses case, Ken Done purse (matching with case).

** Darling Courtney who donated this glasses case to WKBD had a sad story to tell when she handed it over. Apparently, they originally had a pair of wonderful, vintage Ken Done glasses inside. But some naughty monkey went and swiped them, leaving the case empty... Thank *goodness* I can provide the case with a good home until an up-coming auction.


James said...

Those photos today are hot! But they are not as good as that cute little kitty cat yesterday

Frances said...

This outfit is marvellous! That skirt is something else.

Lyndel said...

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright..... great look. and of course, the Hibiscus design is one of my favourites from Ken, matches one of my scarves perfectly.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Yes Lyndel, that Hibiscus design is very fun and uplifting, isn't it? xo

Thanks Frances... and yes, the skirt has a pretty delightful 'carni' thing happening... cartoon images of animals in boxing gloves... so wrong it proves fashion *right*! :-)

James: I know - what I would do to have that kitten brooch printed on reams and reams of fabric in all different sizes... perhaps I could wear that next year for 365 days?! ;-P