Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 238/365: She's three times a lady! a.k.a Thanks Birdmonkey xo

Vintage Sunski glasses, South American necklace, Ken Done midriff (donated Ken & Judy Done), Sablon Australia jeans (from op shop), Camper boots, Ken Done bag (donated Cousin Christine).

I've decided I'm not quite finished trying out outfits that combine midriff tops and high-waisted jeans, so I've gone with a floral look today. You can see I'm pretty proud with this pastel, 1980s ensemble! (Does the top look familiar? See the other two versions I own, thanks to the donations of Ken & Judy Done: Day 159/365 and Day 108/365).

But enough about me, because look at the *AMAZING* fun photo sent in from the gorgeous birdmonkey...
She truly is a delight! And thanks to this artistry and public sharing of wonderful style, A. Fan owes What Ken Be Done another $10. Brilliant! We are off to a *good* start this week :-)
(This dress originally worn by me: Day 25/365)


A. Fan said...

Okay i think that means I owe $50 to the cause.
$10 for each wonderful photo published (i'm counting today as 3). Birdmonkey, Lyndel I admire you both.
Jackie, nice outfit.

Lyndel said...

Oh A.Fan you are such a generous Fan, thank you.
Birdmonkey you look wonderful!
and Jackie looks kinda 'cute' in pink pastels too... good day all around I would say.

birdmonkey said...

A.Fan- your the best. I hope to see some of the other supporters send in pics too, would love to see peoples faces.

What Ken Be Done? said...

You *three* are so AWESOME!

Lyndel: 'cute'... ha, ha... not sure that descriptor has been used near me for quite some time... very *fun*!

In agree too with birdmonkey, it would be *wonderful* to see some faces behind other regular comment-makers...

A.Fan, how truly generous to keep supporting WKBD and The Social Studio xo xo