Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 239/365: Take one Ken Done doona and...

I'm decked out in Ken Done, and I couldn't be happier!

This *spectacular* pinafore-dress has been made specifically for What Ken Be Done? by the *hugely talented* - and wonderfully named - Suzanne Starbuck. A star indeed!

Here is a little about her: "Melbourne-based Suzanne Starbuck is a super talented mum who creates delightful, fun and practical homewares and accessories for mums and their little ones out of funky, fabulous fabrics. To see some of her work visit www.madeit.com.au/benandliv or e-mail her at benandliv@yahoo.com.au." As you can see, Suzanne certainly knows her way around re-purposing a Ken Done 1980s doona with style!
And here is Suzanne's daughter, Olivia, showcasing her Mum's fantastic sewing skills. What a *good* Ken Done headband, Olivia, you look beautiful!

Special thanks x 1 to Suzanne and Olivia for the *fun* you've bought to WKBD!
Special thanks x 2 to my own sister-in-law, Susan for getting Suzanne and Olivia involved. So wonderful! xo xo


birdmonkey said...

Great dress, I love the yellow piping edging- your tops Suzanne! Also loving the All Done look.

James said...

There is so much to love about today's post.
1. Suzanne Starbuck: what a name, what great sewing skills and what a lovely act of generosity.
2. Little Olivia: you wear that Done headband like you are channeling the spirit of Jackie. Awesome.
3. Susan: clearly you are the Chief Wrangler of the WKBD Melbourne outpost.
4. Jackie you are a touch of classy colour on this grey Sydney day.
5. Good to have the goggles back too. Although they don't beat the kitty on Day 235.

Lyndel said...

an apron over a pink Tutu, black tights and a KD headband... ... gotta love that girl's style
and you look pretty stylish too Jackie in KD allover look. Suzanne you really are a STAR*

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Starbuck - that is the coolest name! Your reworking of a doona is incredible...no one would ever have guessed that the dress once lay on someone's bed. And Olivia is delightfully cute. Jackie, your efforts in getting so many people involved is incredible!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Totally birdmonkey: yellow piping is the *bomb*!

James: great list and *snaps* for your assessments of all the great people involved.

Lyndel: Olivia is working a great outfit, isn't she? :-)

Anon: I know - SO many *awesome* people happy to take part - it makes my day, every day!

So *great* to see everyone thought Suzanne, Olivia and Susan are *amazing*... their participation puts such a smile on my face! Woo hoo!