Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 241/365

'Share Affection, Not Infection'. I'm not really one for slogan shirts, but today my work takes me to a university 'O' Week, so I must don this slightly re-styled shirt and go and talk about safer sex and the importance of using condoms...

To go with the important messages, I needed a Ken Done piece that is both comfortable and *bright*. Thankfully, what with the recent handiwork of Suzanne Starbuck, I've got two amazing scarves to use as a headband and belt. And where did I get the idea from to wear Ken Done in this way? Well from my own nephew, Will and Suzanne's daughter Olivia. You, dear children, look *smashing*!


Lyndel said...

All you family and friends kids are natural born models. Thanks guys, you look terrific♥

Anonymous said...

Jackie, you cannot compete with these gorgeous children. But I'd like you to keep on trying.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the 'his n hers' Done look today - those 2 little kids are super duper cute - and I think, perhaps, that just maybe, they may have just upstaged you in the outfit stakes today. I think the 2 of them look like a miniature tennis player and a miniature ballerina. A whole new generation of KD is emerging!

skb said...

Hi Jackie
Particularly like this post (declaring my bias) - Will and Olivia look very sweet together - will be sure to share it with him tomorrow. Hope O-week lecture went well.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: I know, they are all gorgeous aren't they? I think wearing Ken Done also helps bring out the *BEST* in people too!!

Anon x 1: There's no competition here at all. Hands down, these little ones rock Ken Done!

Anon x 2: Ken Done for a new generation... I think there might just be a *good* idea in that! :-)

SKB: I guess it's all the *good* genes, hey?! xo