Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 242/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, vintage Yorker shirt donated by Rebecca, Miss Shop dress (from op shop), Saba belt, Ken Done pants donated by Cousin Christine, Birkenstocks, Australis scarf.

Today I've been out and about on the streets of Sydney. The above pic is me at my local post office *delightedly* going to the What Ken Be Done? PO Box to check for donations. Nothing today, but I still feel very *good* because I'm wearing a Ken Done inspired shirt donated from WKBD supporter, Rebecca. As she wrote and told me, she's always now on the look out for Done... and on one of her trips, when she spotted this 1980s shirt, she just couldn't let the opportunity pass her by. In her own words, the shirt proves a spectacular 80's mix of Grand Prix Formula One and Deck of Cards style in one!! Plus as you will see, this shirt is made in New Zealand, so I particularly wanted to wear it and send our *best wishes* to our Pacific neighbours at the moment.

The pic below is included because I wanted to share with you what I look like when I'm doing a radio interview... I'm in Hyde Park - which turned out to be the 'quietest' place I could find in the CBD! This is me speaking with Alex from ABC Local Radio Canberra. We had a wonderful chat this morning, and we got to invite all the Canberra locals to get involved in the WKBD challenge. Super!
Finally, my outfit today also takes inspiration from this fabulous shot sent in by birdmonkey. Check out the *spectacular* Androniki - a Melbourne zinester - wearing an Australis scarf (a.k.a. Ken Done rip off!) and animal-print sunglasses that match my own glasses today. Apparently Androniki has more Ken Done at home - so go on - send some photos in, please!


Anonymous said...

All i can say is, Rebecca has a lot to answer for....

Lyndel said...

welcome to the *Done Nuts* Androniki... we' ll have to get you some 'genuine Done' for your next photo shoot! However, Australis is a good 'Learners' Scarf, thanks for sharing.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: I think Rebecca has Done such a *good* job finding some 1980s inspired-by-Done NZ finery. She's a winner!

Lyndel: ha, ha 'Learner's Ken Done'... I'll have to do take that idea and give it a go one Friday!! And yes, lovely for Androniki to agree to a photo for WKBD :-)