Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 244/365: Done in The Den

I'm spending this Sunday whiling-away an afternoon in the LiP's Hawaiian Den. You thought I was the only collector in this house? Think again!! The Live-in-Photographer's vintage Hawaiiana collection truly is a sight to be seen... and this is only one corner you're getting to glimpse - really!!

On entering The Den, I couldn't work out if I'd need sunglasses or my day-glasses, so here I am snapped in my moment of indecision. It does mean I get to show off my trusty-vintage-sailboat--Ken Done-glasses case, and check out tomorrow to see my NEW Ken Done glasses inside!

This Sunday I also want to salute the 'fashion' turban. My *dream* is that as I age, I can learn to wear it as well as the *inspirational* Maggie T

Enjoy your Sunday, dear readers xo
Vintage fashion turban from op shop, vintage pin from Hawaii, vintage batwing Hawaiian top (a present from the LiP), Ken Done pants (WKBD collection), Fluevogs, vintage rings.


Anonymous said...

...only you (and Maggie T) could get away with that glorified beanie.

Lyndel said...

Sorry Jackie, I didn't like the turbans on Maggie, and I don't like it on you. Although, the hula dancer on yours does help it along. Lovely room LiP♥

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: A beanie? Oh no, now that doesn't sound oh-so-fahion inspiring does it?!

Lyndel: Yes, the LiP's Den is a wonderful sight for Hawaiian and vintage tragics, or anyone who just wants to *wish* for a life in the Islands for a while...

So I struck out on the turban? Oh well, I'll live to try and Do(ne) it another day! xo xo