Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 245/365: Here's Looking at Lilly!

Ken Done glasses (WKBD collection), vintage shell earrings from op shop, Anthea Crawford dress donated by Susan, Ken Done scarf donated by Sally, vintage tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag donated Ken & Judy Done.

New Ken Done specs: so much BIG fun to be had!
And my glasses prove all the better to see these *amazing* photos of Lilly sporting a vintage Ken Done top (found by Mum Sally with it's original tags still on!).

This has be to be one of my favourite set of sequenced shots... SUPER thanks to Lilly for wearing Ken Done and being herself in such a *delightful* way! Love it!


Lyndel said...

Oh what a delightful model! Lily you look great, love the shirt, love your attitude even more♥ well *Done.
and Jackie looks cute today too.

skb said...

Jackie, that yellow shirt dress truly looks excellent - knew you'd pull it off beautifully. xx

Anonymous said...

Lilly & Jackie have rocked my Monday.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: Yes, Lilly does have a *delightfully playful* attitude down well, doesn't she? I think that bow in her hair helps give that last OOMPH of JOY!

SKB: You know you *want* to wear yellow too, you know you do! Oh, and be wary of the turban WKBD post, or you'll never wear yours - and it CAN be done - I promise! Fashion rules are there for bending! :-)

Anon: Super-Fun thanks...