Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 247/365: Vintage Done Gold!

Imagine my *Ken Done JOY* when Jill sent in this photo of her children in the 1980s! This vintage shot is truly, madly, deeply, Ken Done GOLD!
Jill writes:

I had a friend who worked at Sheridan sheets factory in the 80's and they were making Ken Done sheets. He gave me some off cuts. I got busy sewing… My children got the benefit especially the youngest as he had to wear through all the hand me downs. It took him years to out grow the outfits. I must say it was very good anti-fade material!

Thank you to the Howard Family for sharing this Ken Done memory... it's now an important part of What Ken Be Done? History!

And here's me smiling from ear to ear, today:
Photios Brothers vintage earrings, glass necklace, Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done silk shirt donated by Cousin Christine, Yohji Yamamoto overalls (I found these in an op shop in Perth for $3!!!!!!), Sportscraft belt, Fluevogs.


Joanne said...

That photo is Ken Done gold. Could they be Australia's version of the Partridge family?

There's a whole lotta lovin' to be *done* c'mon get happy

Frances said...

That shirt is fabulous!

A.Fan said...

I will donate $100 if that family re-creates the shot and you feature it on the blog before the end of your project Jackie.

Lyndel said...

oh wow!! A.Fan... that is some challenge!!!! and let me reassure the Howard Family that A.Fan always comes thru with the $$s
Jackie, another KD pattern today that I am not familiar with.. boy you sure are finding them. Great look, well *Done.

Anonymous said...

The Howard family rock!! Great, great, super great work by them. And Jackie, that shirt today is excellent. xx

What Ken Be Done? said...

Hip Hip Hooray for the Howards!

And Hip Hip Hooray for all of YOU x 5 for all your *positivity*, sense of fun, and general Joie De Vivre xo xo