Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 248/365: Double-Dealing in Done Doonas is Done!!

Handmade earrings, Lafont glasses, vintage necklace from op shop, Tatty Devine anchor necklace, Stephanie Ricaldi vintage shrug, hand-made Ken Done skirt (WKBD Collection from eBay), stockings from Japan, Fluevogs, Ken Done tote from Ken & Judy Done.

There's a special *recycled pleasure* that comes when all us Ken Done-nuts realise just how many ways one Ken Done doona can be re-purposed.... like this, and this, and this, and today's skirt.

And no, this photo below is not my actual bedroom, but I do have to say, it's highly *delightful* in it's focus on Ken Done designs in every nook and cranny! A big THANKS to Marie who sent in these photos from August 1987: they were part of a photo-shoot for a Mansours TV commercial. And yes, I've got more photos to share too!


Lyndel said...

No, your butt could never look big in a Done Doona!
hee hee, fantastic look today, love it, and that bedroom, OMG, blue wellies by the bed too instead of a pair of slippers?

Anonymous said...

ooooh I heard you on the wireless this morning oooooh

birdmonkey said...

Ken Done doona skirt from e-bay? I love that someone re-purposed a KD doona outside of this project.

Julia said...

How on earth could anyone sleep in that bedroom....?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Ah, I'm so very pleased you all *like* the bedroom... many thanks to Marie for sharing this gem... yes, Lyndel the gumboots are a tad hilarious!

Good point, Birdmonkey. And judging by the sewing, this was made at least 5-10 years ago, so I think it was quite loved too... Of course, I'm not surprised at all that someone saw the possibility in Done!!