Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 249/365

Ken Done scarf: 3 x times the charm, 3 x times the inspiration for today! Vintage Studibaker Hawk dress, Uniqlo leggings, Camper shoes, Linda Jackson bag, vintage Sunski glasses, vintage bangles from my Mum.

Apologies for the later Friday post, unfortunately I've been 'heads-down' in my company's accounts for the best part of the day. Fortunately I wasn't alone: I had my business partner and dear friend Jo, plus her little boy Kit, and my LiP (yes, I've even dragged the LiP into yet another task to help me!). Together we added and subtracted our way through reams and reams of numbers. And, when the work was Done, we had a little bit of fun playing dress-ups with Kit, as the photos show.

You might notice that darling Jo is wearing a Ken Done skirt which she won on the latest WKBD eBay auction. So I think that's another donation of $10 from A.Fan. Actually, now that we're talking about these kinds of numbers, it gets much more interesting for this blog... because, speaking of Done dollars, it was truly *SPLENDIFEROUS* that yesterday people who have never met me, heard about What Ken Be Done? on ABC Radio National's Breakfast Program and, on the spot, they donated money to support all our efforts... Now that is getting the work Done! Now that is a Friday Inspiration par excellence!

Thank you, thank you for the generous donations and also the many kind words that came in yesterday via email. I remain, as ever, *awed* and grateful that people are willing to contribute in so many *good* ways to help secure The Social Studio's future.

And for our own treat after all that maths, it's a date-night out to see Lily Tomlin. It felt the right time to showcase one of my favourite 1980s Studibaker Hawk hand-printed dress. What more Friday inspiration does one need? xo xo


Lyndel said...

your dress is wonderful!, love it. and Jo looks great in that skirt, oh if only it was in my size. Kit's pretty cute too, maybe he needs a bandana? I'm sending one up next week.

skb said...

Hey Jackie. Just listened to the ABC Radio Interview - congratulations on a fabulous piece of media. Hope there are lots of KD items on the way to you. Amazing effort. xx

birdmonkey said...

Love the photos and looks today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kit, those are some pants. I reckon Jackie could learn a bit from you.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel and Birdmonkey: You're just the kind of stylists a gal like me needs! *Wonderful*

SKB: Thanks lovely... must say the radio interview was very fun, and I'm so pleased people in the media are interested in helping to spread this *good* message xo

Anon: Kit's very cool, yes?! Oversize pants are on there way back in you know!