Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 251/365: Obviously enthralled by the story-teller...

I'm on a classic-movie-bender-Sunday watching The Godfather series. This means I haven't moved far from this spot today... and Cousin Christine's (oops!) Wonderful Susan's 1980s Ken Done poly-fleece 'Sloppy Joe' proves enough like 'day-pajamas' to perfectly match my relaxed mood.

However, the LiP reckons I look a little dorky today, and it reminded me of some other photographic evidence that depicts that whenever there is a good story being told, out comes my 'inner dork' (characterised by sitting cross-legged on the floor with a dazed and distant stare!). Check out this *fantastic* photo of me (middle), Bridget (left) and another girl taken in our local paper in the 1980s. Once you've got over the bullying and snickers of having to wear a patch on one eye as a kid, Ken Done for 365 days doesn't seem nearly so difficult! xo xo


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!! That is THE best photo! I don't know if I haev ever seen that one before! What a laugh! What am I doig with my mouth?? And you have something obviously stuck in your ear!
....obviously enthralled story telling!!!!! You just made my day! hhahahahahahahahaha!!!! :-))))

T.C. said...

...and look at you now Jackie.... you are the story teller.
( i bet you've made a few people want to have a patch, what with all the explosions of colour you're responsible for)

birdmonkey said...

Love this post- photos and great top!

Thanks Susan for another great top- looking forward to bidding on this one!

skb said...

I think Cousin Christine and I must have similar excellent taste in our 'sloppy joe' donations.

Bird Monkey, it is well worth bidding on - it really is a comfy top this one...I know from experiene, prior to it's donation, I wore it with some none Ken Done tracksuit pants, and it made for good wearing!

Jackie, as per the newspaper article, I continue to be 'enthralled' by your blog and your efforts. You may have set the challenge with that photo - I am wondering if KD does some sort of eye patch design item! Will definitely keep an eye out for one. Love xx

What Ken Be Done? said...

BB/BK (Anon): I thought you might like this!!! Wait until I share the photo of us having painted our faces with nail polish!!!

T.C.: oh, aren't you just SO sweet?!

Birdmonkey: Great to see you in there, checking the stock and keeping your eyes on potential KD gear up for auction. You're a *good* role model for everyone to follow!! :-)

SKB: Well, the 1980s really was all about 'sloppy joes' wasn't it?! And as for the eye patch design... well it reminds me on the photos of Michael and Oliver doing Ken Done pirate... anymore ideas and we will have created a fashion line!!! xo xo
(See Day 167/365)