Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 254/365

There's something both *spectacular* and yet, also kind of creepy, when I find I can match very closely a new Ken Done item with something I've had in my wardrobe for years. I'm wondering whether it indicates I might have slipped over the edge from 'collector' to 'hoarder'...

This is all just a way of saying I'm super excited that the Ken Done top I'm wearing today - and donated by Stef, the legend - matches this vintage, handmade bubble skirt I found in an op shop years ago. So tell me what you think - is it matchy-matchy teacher-style, or potentially some kind of strange flower uniform?!
And here I'll *translate* these photos:
1. Stef, with her eyes closed, is thinking, 'Please when I open my eyes, let this bright Ken Done bag - and the crazy lady attached - go away!'
2. Stef then thinks when she opens her eyes, 'Oh, well, at least I know I'm donating this KD gear for *good*!'
Love It!


LiP said...

Trust me Stef, the closed eye thing just doesn't work.
You open your eyes and the colours are always always still there...and the patterns.....

Lyndel said...

... and if anyone knows, LiP knows!!
Stef, the bag is great, the top is great, I love love love the colours.

Stef said...

LiP - when I opened my eyes the KD left my house and into's Hawaiian KD to keep you both smiling :-)