Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 255/365

Vintage driving hat, Lafont glasses, H&M Hoop earrings, handmade necklace, vintage shirt from op shop, vintage Katies skirt, Ken Done scarf (WKBD collection), vintage stockings from UK, Fluevogs.

So when we all need to *rest our eyes* from too much colour, I go and over-do it on the Black & White instead (like here and here). And I have to admit, I do love Monochrome Done!


Lyndel said...

A girl can NEVER overdo black and white, its CLASSIC, ask Shiela Scotter. (that'll have you all racing to google or somewhere,wink)
Love the Shells in b/w they are the same as on one of your Tshirts or Shorts I pale blue NO, in black and white YES.
keep on *done-ing it*

T.C. said...

Even when my eyes hurt, i can't stop myself from looking.