Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 256/365: Clown 'Fashion' Take Four...

By now, dear Done-readers, you know just how much I *love* 1980s 'onesies'. This vintage 'Easy Street' jumpsuit comes from the Newtown Red Cross store, and as soon as I spotted it, I felt inspired to the max! Lovely, too, that these overalls pair so nicely with the Ken Done scarf that the Red Cross shop itself donated to What Ken Be Done?

Today I think I might run the risk of looking a bit clown-ish, but that hasn't really stopped me before, now has it?! (For evidence of 1980s-inspired 'clown fashion', see here, here and here.) And plus, I have much to celebrate... I hope you've noticed this week we've had some donations and our total money raised is getting higher and higher all the time. Hooray! Thanks for all those who have given precious money to support The Social Studio (who are just about to release their next season of clothing - take a look!) xo xo


Julian said...

You have courage Jackie, i'll give you that.

Joanne said...

Love the onesie!
You definitely pull it off with style!

Anonymous said...

Day 139 was more Children's Television host rather than clown. Little bit Fat Cat, little bit Big Dog.
But Day 256 is more pure Clown. And you know how much of a purist I am.
Top marks!
David M