Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 258/365: In Celebration of Toys...

Not that I'm biased, but my niece Lucy is seriously raising the bar higher on looking *super cute* when wearing Ken Done today:
Lucy's graciously agreed to showcase these fantastic vintage shorts donated by Ken and Judy Done themselves. Dearest Lucy, you've Done so *good*!
Now I'm not sure of the name of Lucy's little friend in the photo, but it did get me thinking how *wonderful* soft toys can be in our lives.

So when Darling David sent in this photo of him celebrating his friend John's Ken Done collection, I was drawn to both the *excellent* bedspread and pencil case (of course), but also the great toys on show.
So of course then, today I had to share my own BRILLIANT vintage toy. Technically, this is the LiPs own soft toy from childhood, but when I spotted the matted fur, crazy eyelashes and general delirious look of this cat, I knew it had to be mine!

Here I am showing off 'scary cat' and wearing my own Ken Done skirt as a top (see also Day 201/365).

Happy Sundays to you all, and special thanks to Lucy, David, John and all the toys for helping to make this such a *fun* post today! xo xo


Lyndel said...

oh seriously scary-cat LiP!!!
well it must be the magic of the Lucy name, Jackie as your little Miss Lucy is just soooo cute, (as is my little Miss Lucy-Jazz!)
Well *Done Lucy, you are a STAR*

oh and David looks darn cute too!

popsie said...

Well, you've shown us some ugly things this year but my word, that cat certainly is something........

Anonymous said...

You are like a carbon copy of Little Lucy. Or should I say that gorgeous lil' Lucy is a carbon copy of her gorgeous Auntie. I love all the kids who are on your blog!

teaspoon said...

Scary Cat is scary.