Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 259/365

Vintage Princeton shirt (op shop), vintage Fletcher Jones wool skirt, Saba leather belt, Fluevogs, Tatty Devine rings.

My second day in a row of celebrating the generosity of David, who has given this *ace* Ken Done wallet to What Ken Be Done? I'm impressed that in such a small space this item can celebrate both the iconic 'Down Under' font AND include a homage to Australian wildlife. Naturally, I felt an imperative to wear my Tatty Devine bird rings today. David, you're wonderful xo xo


Lyndel said...

Oh Lady in Red ! you look more Devine than Tatty!!
great wallet too David!

Bec said...

Love the rings xxx

Anonymous said...

Just like a red light on the roadside, I bet you stopped traffic today Jackie. Ooh la la.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, anon, I watched Jackie cross at traffic lights in this outfit after bumping into her at a suburban train station. She was a vision. And a tonic of red in a sea of grey and brown.
And it warmed my heart to know that concealed in her bag was the wallet I had been too scared to use myself.
David M