Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 260/365

Ken Done glasses, hand made earrings, Ken Done bow as necklace (made by me!), Matthew Lawrence Bespoke shirt (stolen from LiP), Anthea Crawford skirt from op shop, Saba belt, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag (which Evan helped me find).

Just because I can, I've gone with a blue version of yesterday's outfit!
And take a look at another Ken Done duvet photo-shoot (with the same fabric pattern as my own hand-made bow) sent in by Marie to support What Ken Be Done? Now I know it's early morning, and this is a G-rated blog, but does anyone else wonder just why there might be yellow binoculars in the bedroom?!!


Lyndel said...

not sure about the Darrell-Lea look today??
Love the bedroom photo, yellow binoculars,? mmm... last one was with green gumboots next to the bed. KD's Manchester Stylist was certainly way out there.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I think yesterday's outfit was more 'blue' ;-)

Sally said...

I LOVE today's look miss j. The bow is so Nippon cutie. Now I know the binoculars appear suss, but judging by the rooms' avian theme, I'm sure they are for some good clean twitching (aka birdwatching)!

Anonymous said...

The dirty towel on the floor in the manchester photo is a bit too realist.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: I couldn't stop laughing when I read your Darrell-Lea post. You are so *right* - I do look like I work there!!

Anon: well *Done* !

Sally: Aw, thanks for the props! 'Nippon cute' is quite the compliment :-) Then you also go on to show how smart you are with you vocabulary 'n all!! xo

Anon: what a *good* spotting! It REALLY is a bit odd, isn't it? I just have to love it though... it takes 'Bleeding Eyes' to a whole new level!