Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 264/365: Well *Done* The Social Studio!

I left you last night as my friend Bec and I headed off to represent The Social Studio at the FGI Awards for Excellence. In our TSS finery, we certainly stood out from the cocktail dress crowd in a *good*way!

And the *good* news is TSS won the 'Sustainable Design Award'. Hooray!! Many people last night were so excited to celebrate how wonderful TSS is, and so the *good* word goes out wider and wider. Brilliant!

In theory then, as the next photo suggests, I woke up today ready to beat back the Sydney media, wanting to hound me about the greatness of TSS. But the reality is, Bec and I had such a *good* night that I'm repelling all visitors and thanking the fashion gods for the *goodness* of my new Ken Done sunglasses; cutting out all but the most necessary of light ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well done TSS. And well done Jackie and Bec on looking so fantastic!
David M

T.C. said...

TSS was lucky to have you as their representatives. Maybe you could model for them permanently.

And CONGRATULATIONS to TSS! A well earned win.

Lyndel said...

oh you two looked FANTASTIC. Well done to the team at TSS for such a great effort. Boy they are the talk of the town now, a year ago they were 'who?' .. Melburnians sure have embraced their fashion. Great Stuff.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Right on Lyndel! TSS, are going up and up and up... and all so well deserved, I know how hard they work to keep it real, and make a difference xo

And thanks to all for the *good* comments on our outfits. I felt like Social Studio Princess with that gold 'n all!! :-)