Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 265/365: *No Stopping* Now - Only 100 Days To Go!

Only 100 days of What Ken Be Done to go. Can you believe it?! That means only 100 days left to:

  • Send in, or loan, your own Ken Done. Please send items to: PO Box 332 Westgate NSW 2048. I still need 45 items, and sending in your pieces now REALLY helps! All donated items then go up for charity auction.
  • Send in a photo of you wearing Ken Done in your very own way. Old and/or new photos welcome!
  • Make a secure online donation. 100% of what we raise goes directly to The Social Studio (see more about their important work here).
  • Buy a piece of your very own Ken Done fashion from our eBay charity auctions. Next round of auctions will be up by this Wednesday. All money raised goes directly to TSS.
  • Send on our *ace* new WKBD poster to friends, family and people across the globe, to celebrate *goodfashionforgood* and to raise the profile of The Social Studio.
There's *No Stopping* now... Please get involved to help us with this serious fun!
Ken Done umbrella, vintage Sunski glasses from op shop, earrings from Cairns Gallery, Ken Done necklace, Holeproof leotard, Sasch Australia culottes and sash (from op shop), Sportscraft belt, Ken Done bag, vintage ring, Juicy Couture patent leather boots.

A HUGE thanks to Bree for creating our What Ken Be Done promotional poster. We think Bree's got a really *good* eye for design and fun: Hooray! And thanks too, to dear Kate for putting us in touch with Bree. My lovely mate Jason has helped print up some copies of these posters (A4 and A3) to stick around the joint. If you've got an ideal place to put one up - at the work watercooler, in an op shop, in a clothing store, anywhere! - then drop me an email and I'll send you some:

Am I serious about Ken Done and other Australian 1980s fashion? Am I serious about us supporting The Social Studio? You'd better believe it, baby!


Lyndel said...

no way!!! a "new" KD it!.. only 100 days left? and then what? Poor me, what will I have to check on the blogs every morning after that? whaaaaa...

Oh well eBay to check out this week, that'll be good for sure.

birdmonkey said...

Love the look today- What are we going to do without your fashion guidance?

Couple of things coming form Canberra...

A.Fan said...

I think in 100 days time, i'll start a blog called
Surviving Without Jackie: It Ken Be Done.
All of us fans can lament the colourful hole in our hearts where you once lived. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

A.Fan - I wish I could *like* your comment! :-)

Anonymous said...

The poster looks so great. I hope it generates lots of support in the final 100 days. Ah you've come so far. Fantastic!!!!

Lyndel said...

I too *LIKE* A.Fan's comment... yes do it, and I'll be a FOLLOWER!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Shucks, look at all those *wonderful* kind words. You ALL are delightful!

Lyndel: I know - isn't the necklace amazing?! I didn't even know Ken Done did stuff like this. When I found it, I knew I had to wait and use it for a *Special* Day.

Birdmonkey: Canberra Ken Done. Very Exciting!

A.Fan: you are a charmer! :-)

Anon: I know, isn't the poster great? Bree is a legend!!