Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 268/365

Ken Done scarf, handmade earrings, 'Made in Hawaii' vintage top, Beecher Brook pants, Birkenstocks, Ken Done 1980s vintage backpack donated by Cousin Christine.

Time to share a secret. A number of years ago, I was running a leadership development group with young people in Western Sydney. As our program came to a close these *great* young people told me that between each other they had dubbed me 'Taller Dora the Explorer'. With my vintage 1980s Ken Done backpack on today, I can kind of see why. Can it be a compliment to be told you look like a cartoon character?!

Oh, and more Ken Done *goodies* have been added to our eBay charity auctions... Exciting!


Anonymous said...

Love it! They were smart, you do look like Dora!

Lyndel said...

Love that top! and the back pack it so cute. a compliment to be 'Dora' ? I'd say so, gee she's the most popular girl around these days, even more popular than Barbie (who you do NOT look like)

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: Not like Barbie? And here I was getting my Barbie and the Rockers gear all ready!!

Check out:

I do so LOVE big hair!

Anon: yes, those 'youth' really do know it all, don't they?! xo