Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 269/365

I bow down to the greatness of Sally for finding this absolute Ken Done vintage gem in an op shop! 1980s-style, 1980s pastels, oversize pockets, heavy cotton... gasp!

And, think dear readers, as it's a donation to What Ken Be Done, you too (very soon) could own this shirt! Yes, you too can own a piece of this quintessential KD sail-boat fabric (see also here and here). Friends will gasp! Family members will faint! Stars will stop you on the street to ask you where you shop! AND, you'll be able to tell them all you are wearing Ken Done for *good*!

And if this wonderful shirt isn't quite your style, A-OK, please just check out these other items too (new pieces added last night)... :-)

Sally, you are a delight! Happy Days to you all xo


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that no one has ticked 'bleeding eyes'.
Consider it done and hand me my sunglasses.

Sally said...

Whoot woo! Love it xxx

Lyndel said...

---and hand me my *KD* sunglasses I hope you mean, Anonymous?

very Loud today Jackie♥

birdmonkey said...

Love this dress! I think this is more clashing patterns than "loud"

What Ken Be Done? said...

Sally: well it's so easy to wear it with FUN when you have *good* help finding such KD gems xo

Lyndel: Bloody right! If it doesn't have the words 'Ken Done' in front of the item, we can't seem to *hear* you!! :-)

Anon: I think a few often-followers have learnt to protect their eyes before they click on the site each day! ;-)

Birdmonkey: Oh how I *love* a clash!

And please remember men and boys out there, this kind of KD shirt is not just for the 'ladies' - you could own it too!