Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 270/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, shell earrings from op shop, vintage necklace from Hawaii, 1980s top from op shop, 1980s denim skirt, Fluevogs, Ken Done scarf (donated by Cousin Christine), Ken Done bag (donated by Birdmonkey).

You know you're wearing 1980s clothing when even your fabric top has denim printed on it!

I found this ruched 1980s top in an op shop a number of years ago. It was so *bad/good* that it was a must-buy! I'll leave it to you to decide just how to explain the *inspiration* it offers this Friday!


Lisa said...

Jackie that is the most delightful thing i have seen all day.

I may or may not have had my eyes shut for most of the day so far though.

birdmonkey said...

Love those printed denim jean pockets but I'm going to tick "only you" as I couldn't see anyone else pulling this faux double denim look off.. except maybe Year of Denim Jane

Lyndel said...

pity you didnt have a nice handbag made from an old pair of jeans to go with today's outfit. I saw one last week when I was out, mmmmm..not sure I'd want to put my lovely purse and phone and carry around stuff in the seat of an old pair of jeans???
ok call me an old fuddy duddy!!

that Top is really something else!

Anonymous said...

i love these tick boxes rating system. now I know that i am not alone in saying "only you my bleeding eyes".
I note that today no one has ticked Done Good. Double Denim + Done is a nightmare

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lisa: You dear! I just know how much you *love* a good use of denim. This outfit is almost worth a Marina dance, I reckon!

Birdmonkey: I'd love to see YoD Jane wear this... she'd have taken it to a double/triple Denim level I reckon! But, in the meantime, I tip my (metaphorical) hat to you, and thank you for the compliment, m'lady xo

Lyndel: You've Done well today to make us all very aware of the *caution* one needs to exercise around re-purposed denim! And yes, I do wonder if this top ended up in an op-shop because it was a *joke* costume someone made, wore and then wanted to let go... until it landed up in my wardrobe, that is!!

Anon: Thanks for the feedback on the rating. Word is 'Bleeding Eyes' is a particular favourite amongst WKBD followers!! And perhaps next week I'll get a Done *good* from you :-)