Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 273/365

Glasses from Japan, Photios Brothers vintage earrings, Saba cardigan, vintage Katies dress from op shop, Ken Done skirt donated by Ken & Judy Done, Fluevogs, Ken Done purse donated by Bec.

You may be familiar with the 1980s ra-ra skirts, but how well do you know a one-ra skirt? I'm showing off this particular style today: it's an extra layer skirt over a dress. And how could I resist; I just had to show off this wonderful Double Done pattern thanks to the recent KD purse donation from Bec. xo

And yes, you've seen this pattern a few times now: like here and here, and ready for a charity sale here! Happy Monday :-)


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Lyndel said...

don't know about RA.. I'd say RA RA RA... VERY ra-ra, and love how the little cardi picks up the KD blue♥