Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 277/365

Glasses from Japan, handmade earrings, Ken Done necklace, Ken Done shirt dress (also worn Day 6/365) - both WKBD collection, vintage handmade jacket from op shop, Fluevogs, Ken Done tote bag donated by Cousin Christine.

In my life before What Ken Be Done (yes, I really had one!), I was wearing this jacket when a woman came up to me and said, "Is that a Ken Done jacket?" Perhaps this is where the whole shenanigans began, because I answered, "No, it's not a Ken Done. But doesn't it look like his work? You know, I *love* Ken Done fashion." So there you go: every comment we make is history in the making!


bec said...

Jackie look at what you're wearing!

Frances said...

YAY! I love it when you wear your colour vomit outfits. This one's a doozy.

Julian said...

Well Done! A bit of colour is always a *good* thing.

Anonymous said...

OMG are they glasses originating from wakayama kashira???

Iain alex said...

colour vomit outfits - love it Frances

What Ken Be Done? said...

Frances: *Thanks so much* because I think you are helping to give the WKBD peeps a whole new language to use... the colour vomit line is a definite favourite!

(Plus, I'm partial to the word "doozy" too... it feels like a real treat to have achieved doozy level!)

Anon: Yes, I really am wearing glasses that I bought over 10 years ago in Wakayama, Japan. Now that's $20 well spent!!

Bec: I'm thinking I might be like those leeches they used to use for 'medical purposes'... I'm sucking all the blood out our eyes! xo

Julian: How about a LOT of colour? I still think *good* xo