Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 278/365

I feel like I'm zoning 1980s white jackets a-la Don Johnson-style, with a *splash* of 1980s 'manly'-pastels and golf! But do you know what feels like my real victory today? It's that my dearest sister-in-law, Susan, has loaned this jacket to What Ken Be Done. That's right, not a donation, but a loan. That's because she reckons this jacket is worth keeping**. See, the Ken-Done-clothing-love can creep up on any of us! Next she'll start collecting it! Really Susan, you are a winner :-) xo

** OK. So she did explain she's keeping the jacket for my nephews to play 'dress ups' with, but I think that's just her excuse for now!!

Also, take a look at a new website feature. If you click here (and/or on the right hand side of my site, under text 'Photo Album' or the page options with the same title), you get this amazing visual snapshot of all my outfits so far. You can even sort by items, etc. *Warning* You may be overwhelmed by all the colour-clashing! Sunglasses recommended! I'd love to hear what you think...
Handmade earring (only one, 1980s style), Ken Done jacket on loan from Susan, Ken Done t-shirt (also worn here), Saba belt 'borrowed' from the LiP, vintage Katies shorts from op shop, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag donated by birdmonkey.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that first picture of Don Johnson looks surprisingly like the LiP.

Anonymous said...

Love it - love the jacket...great loan but that is one I would definitely bid for on your charity auction.
Not Don Johnson, I think more like off the set of 'Caddy Shack' or dare I say, 'Happy Gilmore'! If I recall, haven't you worked as a golf caddy in the past...this would have been the *ideal* uniform for that job.
Mr Done's diversity is staggering - he sure knows how to score an eagle in the fashion stakes and your performance is truly never under psr.

birdmonkey said...

Love the jacket! Susan you should wear it! I have a feeling it was made for the Japanese market- they are crazy about golf- as you know!

Great pattern- Mr Done was so prolific!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon 1: You think so, do you?! Any chance the LiP is paying commission on this comment?!!

Anon 2: Ha, ha Caddy Shack. Exactly! Good memory too; I did work as a golf caddy at one time. As I recall, our uniforms then were pretty *good/bad* 1980s style anyway! As for your ability to pun... I bow down to thee!

Birdmonkey: Great idea! Yes please Susan, it's a photo-to-send-in opportunity! I agree too, it is a fun pattern indeed :-)

Lyndel said...

Come on Susan, 'fess up... you want to start taking Golf Lessons!

Anonymous said...

Okay, my secret passion combining KD fashion and golf has been leaked!
As much as I would love to wear this particular item and provide photographic evidence, my stature is not totally conducive to *donning* the item - I am taller than the lovely Jackie (except when she wears those crazy height high heels) and have longer arms!
I do however, love the jacket and think it is a perfect reminder of this amazing effort.
And I know, it will be the perfect item to complete a particular dress up item for one of the kids - you just never know when they might receive a birthday invitation that instead of coming as a pirate or superhero, they are required to have "A touch of Done" or "80s inspired"!