Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 279/365: Ken Done Flower Power

Ken Done napkin as headband (also worn here), Ken Done sunglasses (also worn here), vintage Australian-made nightgown as kimono dress (from op shop), Ken Done placemat as obi, vintage belt, Ken Done bike pants (also worn here), vintage Posies hosiery from op shop, vintage boots.

Me: Presenting a vintage Ken Done placemat as obi, with matching napkin as headband...
You: (Ponderous pause.)
Me: I know, I know. But it does kinda work, right?!!
You: [Insert comment please.]


Anonymous said...

You: [Insert comment please.]

Me: Okay, it would work..if you were a table

birdmonkey said...

I really like the pattern on the dressing gown, but I'm not sure the pattern of the table placemat makes a good contrast with the pattern- their isn't enough solids in the placemat I don't think.
I would have to say this is one of the crazier outfits- plus you are wearing THOSE bike pants again!
Ok $20 to the cause from me. $10 for that bravely placed placemat and 10 for the shorts.

Come on guys I think this outfit deserves a reward

Anonymous said...

Me: Did I really just read all of those things in 1 sentence?

You: Absolutely, it is one of my finest creations yet.

Me: I got totally lost trying to work what I was reading with things like "napkin as headband", "vintage Australian-made nightgown as kimono dress" and then "placemat as obi"...are you eating takeaway Japanese food in bed?

Monique said...

Hi Jackie, Lyndel told me about your blog. I'm an Aussie that now lives in the US... every so often I find Ken Done things here in Thrift Stores (perhaps bought as souvenirs). Anyway, saw this on ebay and thought of you...

Best wishes

Lyndel said...

yay, we have Monique joining us!♥ not a good look there today Jackie, however I agree with Birdmonkey $10 from me too for the 'Japanese Inspiration'

What Ken Be Done? said...

How fun was this day?! I wear an outfit that gets rated highly as *bad/good* and in the process Birdmonkey and Lyndel generously donate $30!! You are AMAZING and thanks for all your support - especially when your eyes are bleeding!! xo

As Lyndel says, thanks for the comment Monique. I've seen the fabric too... and remain on the close look out, only 20 more Ken Done items needed for my last 85 days! We're almost there!

As for all the table jokes, and confusion over my strange sentences and descriptions (Anons)... well said... clearly all the KD tableware seeped into my pea-brain!!

Still, I had fun with this outfit. I'm thinking more stretching poses might be in order :-)