Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 280/365: Keeping the Brownie Guide Law!

How did I end up looking like Brown Owl this morning?! I didn't even do Brownies as a wee one, but it seems I've somehow caught the vibe today. So please call me Miss Ruddock.

A huge thanks to Stef for finding this Ken Done Sydney Olympics 2000 suitcase in the Newtown op shops. What with this kind of generosity, and with recent donations, I'm *loving* our own WKBD *good*-doing community!


Anonymous said...

You demonstrate all the brownie virtues. No wonder you're Brown Owl.

doc said...

i love the jewellery!!

Lyndel said...

Dib Dib Dib !!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: Well apart from my habit of swearing like a sailor... oh yes, the real benefit of a picture (and not sound) blog! Thanks super for the compliment, of course! :-)

Doc: Thanks lovely! It's a *good* bit of fun, isn't it?!

Lyndel: I just knew you'd know your way around a Brownie / Scouts Motto or two! xo