Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 283/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, Ken Done scarf, necklace and earrings handmade, Samantha Wills compass ring, vintage handmade jacket from op shop, Ken Done t-shirt (donated from Cousin Christine), vintage Just Jeans leather skirt from Perth op shop, Camper boots, Ken Done laptop bag from Cousin Christine.

I think this Guam sunset t-shirt (donated by Cousin Christine) is really quite striking and beautiful. And it wasn't until I took the close-up photo of Ken's signature that I noticed the profile view of three heads in the bottom right hand corner of the painting. The ever-watchful people in the image remind me of this project; I can't always see all the people of What Ken Be Done, but I know you are there! And speaking of WKBD people, take a look below at the *gorgeous* young Emma who we have met before...

There's so much to love here. Check out Emma's 'blue steel' model pout. She's clearly fashion-forward with her demonstration that Ken Done can work even with PJs! (I showed the same bag here working with vintage Hawaiiana too). And of course the ubiquitous Japanese icon, Hello Kitty (or Kitty-chan) even makes an appearance! Kitty-chan is to Japan as Ken Done is to Australia!
Thanks for the photo, Emma. You are a delight!


A.Fan said...

I think there is a lot of sass going on in today's pictures. This is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha .... just laughed outload at that blue steel model's pout!!!! hilarious! Emma will be delighted when she sees herself here after school. xxx

Lyndel said...

oh Emma is obviously going to be a new rising Star in the model stakes. Well done* Emma, great look and Hello Kitty looks so happy to have such a wonderful KD carry bag.♥

What Ken Be Done? said...

A. Fan: isn't "sass" the best word ever? I've just decided it would be RAD if Ken Done did his 'Down Under' font, but instead he wrote "sass" in all those 1980s colours. Oh, imagine the possibilities!!

Anon: I hope Emma-chan got a real kick out of how *wonderful* she is! Hooray for her modelling again xo xo

Lyndel:Hello Kitty does look very much at home, doesn't she? That what we like about you Lyndel; your attention to KD detail! xo