Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 284/365

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done scarf (either donated by A.Fan or Alex), vintage Katies oversize shirt, Gitane Australia pants from op shop, Leona Edmiston tights, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag.

This blue brick wall proved so much *fun* for today's post... I'm loving the way it makes my Inspiration Friday outfit POP! Today I'm showing off these Gitane pants, which are so similar to Ken Done's famous paint block series (worn in WKBD by me here and here, and by Sally oh-so-well). Ah Ken, is there anyone out there that you don't inspire?!!!


T.C. said...

Oh yeah! I really like that!

Anonymous said...

David M

What Ken Be Done? said...

T.C: you are a doll xo xo

David M: In one word you make it ALL worth it :-) xo xo