Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 285/365: Wearing a cossie down the street...

Lafont glasses, anchor earrings and necklace from Santa Barbara, Ben Sherman shirt, Ken Done swimsuit, Jeans Vontre Nom from op shop, Camper shoes, Ken Done bag (worn here and here).

I'm making the most of this *glorious* autumn sunshine today by heading out with friends. But before I do, I want to share this lovely story my dear friend Libby wrote and told me:

Years ago I gave my sister Gail a gorgeous Ken Done cossie for Christmas ... went to the Rocks especially to buy it. She LOVED it. Yesterday I asked her if she still has it and alas no, she doesn't. She said she wore it out. Not sure if she wore it out like down the street or wore it out. But she said it was the best cossie she ever had and wishes she had it still. If she still had it, she'd give it to you... Love, Libby xx

Gail and Libby, with you, we salute the Ken Done swimsuit! xo xo


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Ken Done has a self portrait in the Archibald this year?

Anonymous said...

You could make anything work Jackie.

birdmonkey said...

Hey wearing swimmer just in case was a great idea for today- I went for an impromptu walk on the beach and had to get in my knickers the water and sun was so delightful- luckily they where black and matched!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon x 1: Yes, I have seen the portrait. I thought I might post it up for us to all see here too... I love that he used signature yellow. What do you think of it?

Anon x 2: Thanks ever so much. I guess the only proviso some may have about your comment is exactly what constitutes making an outfit "work"! :-)

Birdmonkey: You're such a rebel, aren't you?! I'm not a huge fan of the beach (to swim at, that is. I like the ocean very much)... so more likely I'd need mine to jump in a fountain! Then again, I must say I just like wearing 1980s leotards... and I don't think only svelte young women at music festivals can be the only ones to have fun with this fashion look... :-)

birdmonkey said...

You would be the bravest dresser I know- or perhaps someone very comfortable in their skin- I'm leaving the leotard look to the young things with no cellulite on their thighs.

I LOVE Ken Done's entry in the Archi! I would be surprised if he won the prize but I think we should all go vote for him for People's Choice