Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 286/365

Because I'm quite tall, I've found that most of the hems on 'maxi dresses' tend to finish at the top of my ankle. So imagine my *delight* when I found this skirt in an op shop in Surry Hills. Yes, this ream of fabric is actually a skirt. Judging by the material, I think it was for a children's circus performer, wearing a skirt and standing on stilts... Naturally then, I was drawn to re-purposing the skirt into a halter-neck maxi dress! And it proves a perfect house-dress to flit around my home this Sunday. Just for a little *extra*, I've attached this Ken Done fabric brooch made by WKBD supporter, Jo. Look to bottom left-hand corner of my doona backdrop, and you can see the flower from which the brooch was made. Wonderful!


Lyndel said...

only YOU indeed!. I think Jo had the person the skirt was originally fashioned for in mind when she made that brooch. Sometimes Size Does Matter. Well *Done Jo!

birdmonkey said...

Love the brooch Jo!

Anonymous said...

10/10 for the brooch

Anonymous said...

I love that you flit around the house on a Sunday carrying a small yellow suitcase.
So practical! I imagine it contains slippers and kingston biscuits.
David M

What Ken Be Done? said...

Yes indeed, Lyndel: Go Oversize Ken Done! Go Jo!

Birdmonkey and Anon: Jo's Done us well, hasn't she?!

David M: You are a genius... I mean you knew quite exactly what I had in my KD suitcase. Love It! :-)