Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 288/365: Send me to Cairns, please!

Vintage Sunski glasses, handmade earrings, a bunch of necklaces, Ken Done rugby shirt donated by Cousin Christine, vintage handmade culottes from Penrith op shop, my grandmother's belt, Ken Done donated by David, Michael Kors boots, Ken Done bag donated by Cousin Christine.

Have you heard what the Lonely Planet guide says to people visiting Cairns? Apparently LP writes that Cairns is "bursting with Ken Done clothing" (quote from here). Why didn't I know this?? How has WKBD missed out on so many donations from the top end? Oh hold on, perhaps it's because tourists *LOVE* Ken Done. *good* on 'em, I reckon!

And here I am today, arguably wearing the least tourist-y piece of Ken Done ever: a brown rugby shirt! Donated by Cousin Christine, I've paired it with these *ripper* handmade culottes from a Penrith op shop. If these culottes didn't have some crazy 1980s tribal print, I just don't think I could walk out the house wearing 'plain brown', even if it does have the Ken Done tag...


Lyndel said...

a brown Rugby shirt? I for one *Done't believe it!

Moloko Soldon said...

I on the other hand... LOVE it!


T.C. said...

I am uncertain but willing to try

birdmonkey said...

I'm with you Lyndal.. brown?? with no pattern or colour? !!

doc said...

Finally some Done I could wear : )

Looking great Jackie!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: you said it! High fives!

MS: Welcome back, LJ. You know how much your opinion counts to me ;-)

TC: Plain Brown, I know, it does unsettle the 1980s fashion fan, doesn't it?!

Birdmonkey: I know, if there weren't 2 Done tags, I'd hardly have believed it myself either!!

Doc: Well you know it'll be up for auction, so that just might become a reality! xo