Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 290/365: Sending Ken Done love from across the shores...

Vintage Sunski glasses, Yoshi Jones shirt (thanks LiP for the lend!!), Ken Done top, Ken Done high-waisted pants, Saba belt, Campers, Ken Done bag donated by Susan.

I'm not a huge fan of t-shirts that have slogans on them, but I did once see a t-shirt in the US that said, "I love high-waisted Mom jeans". I really love that slogan.

Well, today we're celebrating Ken Done, high-waisted pants and Mums. Check out these fantastic photos sent in by Antonia. It's just a touch of her own Mum's Ken Done collection in the UK. I'm sure you'll agree that Antonia's Mum gets a Done-nut award, for sure! Thanks so much to Antonia and her Mum for sharing the KD *love* with all of us here at What Ken Be Done? xo

As for me, I'll be kicking away the day in these *delightful* Ken Done high-waisted golf pants (eek!!), and paying my own homage to Antonia's Mum by wearing the same shirt (in her first photo). Double Done across the continents = High fives!
Antonia writes:
The big picture in the study is Mum's pride and joy (photo 3), and perhaps the reason I live in Sydney as I grew up looking at that joyous scene every day! Then there’s two holiday snaps of Mum in her fave Ken Done t-shirts, and another (bless her) of her mouse mat! Ken Done brings her a lot of happiness, so she fully understands your passion. Unfortunately there’s no chance of her donating any of it to the e-bay auction as she wears those t-shirts with pride every time I see her!
Love it! xo


Lyndel said...

wow, well *Done* to A's MUM... $10 FROM me for such a fabulous collection!

Anonymous said...

How cool is this post today - it illustrates how amazing your efforts are in galvanising people from all across the globe into a common cause - to submit photos and have their love of Ken Done fashion appreciated by a captive audience. Go Antonia's mum! Go Jackie!

Vicki said...

Yup! It doesn't get much better than today's post. Thanks Jackie, thanks Antonias mum! Thanks to all Done-nuts.

Anne Dean Ruffell said...

Fantastic to see the pictures on your blog! There are even more items in the house and I'll send pictures of those via Antonia. Every time we visit Sydney the first stop is the Opera Bar for a champagne and the second stop is the Ken Done Gallery! Next time we visit it will be the Ken Done Gallery first!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: *good* on you, Lyndel! Thank you SO much for your ongoing generosity... truly inspirational! xo xo

Anon: Wow, thanks! I *love* the idea of Ken Done fandom being galavanised too :-)

Vicki: So many Done-nuts to thank, eh? Just shows how large our wonderful WKBD community is, and how much it continues to grow. Woo hoo!

Anne: The Lady of the Moment! Thank you... and we look forward to seeing more xo Plus, I think your description of coming to Sydney is *spectacular*... Champagne + Ken Done = VERY GOOD!