Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 293/365: Celebrating Ken Done Bright Eyes...

Antonia's Mum, Anne, is back! Yes, as I relax away this Sunday, I hope to keep you - dear reader - entertained with more photo-evidence of Anne's own ongoing Ken Done *love*. I was so *impressed* with her first shot that it takes today's pride of place. When I saw this photo I immediately thought of the ACE smoke-machine-effect in Total Eclipse of the Heart (seriously, one of the BEST 1980s film clips... please just watch for the ballet ninjas!!). And you know, Bonnie Tyler's onto something: when it comes to Ken Done fandom, "we'll never be wrong together". Go all Ken Done Bright Eyes!
Glasses from Japan, A Durben Creation vintage top from op shop, Ken Done nylon leggings donated by Cousin Christine, Camper shoes.
Some more *gems* from Anne's KD Collection...
Antonia writes, "those placemats take me back – they were a present from an Aussie visitor and always pulled out on special occasions."
Anne writes, “Can't believe I haven't sent a picture of the most recent Ken Done item - the wonderful numbered print of "Sunday", which is on the kitchen wall. Cheers everyone up in the morning!”
“Nearly forgot my marvellous Ken Done bag which has done a few trips backwards and forwards to Australia as hand luggage!”


Anonymous said...

"... we can never be wrong together..."

love it lots

Lyndel said...

oh GREAT photos today. and Anne's KD in the Kitchen is v. similar to our Artists Studio scarves!
thanks for sharing Anne.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone could make ken done look as good as you do!! how doooo you manage to rock this (what on anyone else would be deemed) crap?!

Antonia said...

Ahh - great to see the photos up there! Thanks Jackie. I personally beleive that growing up amongst so much Ken Done wonderfulness is the reason that I emigrated to Australia. x

Anne Dean Ruffell said...

Ken Done has a lot to answer for! Glad you liked the white KD picture - one of my favourites.
xxxxx Antonia's Mum xxxxxxx

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: *Good* eye for detail there, Lyndel - you're right!

Anon 1: I know, I'm *loving* the participation of everyone... Anne's collection is outstanding!

Anon 2: What a compliment!

Anne and Antonia: You two are a *dream*! Thanks for ALL of your support and generosity... you are proving how people from across the world can help prove what Ken be Done... xo xo