Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 294/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, Ken Done scarf (WKBD collection), vintage Sportscraft dress from Penrith Smith Family op shop, Estilo leather belt, Lacoste boots, Ken Done bag donated by Cousin Christine.

I've pulled out this vintage 1970s-style Sportscraft dress to spend the day basking in the *good* style that was shown last night oh-so-well in Paper Giants. I *love* a purposeful woman, and this fictionalised story of Ita Buttrose is keeping me hugely entertained. That is, almost as entertained as this long Ken Done neon fish scarf!!


Anonymous said...

Today's outfit is fabulous - it is also an outfit that seems somewhat accessible and able to be worn by the masses of us who are unable to pull off anything close to some of the dress ups you've shown us. Love the look today. xx

birdmonkey said...

Love this dress on you!

A.Fan said...

Ohhh la la!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: Oh wow, Anon, what a *lovely* thing to say! I'm glad you liked the look, and I like the reference to my "dress ups"... I'm pretty sure most people think my 'style' is a little too full-on... except for if you're a 5-year old girl, that is!

Birdmonkey: What can I say? Asher as Ita got me all fired up! xo

A.Fan: Happy to make you happy ;-)