Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 298/365: Inspiring *Smallgoods*

I'm having a *Good* Relaxing Friday, being inspired by some special 'smallgoods'.

How fantastic is this photo of the LiP's niece, Meg, wearing her own Ken Done shirt? *Good* thing she has some company while she naps - including some bunnies!

As for me, the inspiration is being worn in these Easter-eggish 1980s mirror neon earrings, branded 'Fadz'. I found them in a Hurstville op shop, with original packaging. Ace!

And finally, even though the Live-in-Photographer has been away in Perth for the last few days, still somehow, the LiP knows how to deliver; check out the live-sighting of a dude in Fremantle, not only wearing Ken Done, but exactly the same pattern as Meg's shirt (and mine for that matter, first worn here). *Good* work!!
Ken Done scarf (WKBD Collection), Fadz 1980s earrings, strange childs-tutu-esque skirt worn as necklace, vintage necklace from Photios Brothers, vintage Dotti dress from op shop, Uniqlo leggings, Campers, Ken Done bag donated by Birdmonkey. 


Lyndel said...

oh Meg is so sweet, and good one LiP, spotting that DoneGood*Dude.

doc said...

that tutu child necklace is a winner - love it!!

Anonymous said...

So Meg is the 'small good' and you are the fruit...?

David M said...

A post that proves the versatility of Done - infants, older gentle men and.. um... strange-childs-tutu-esque-skirt-worn-as-necklace-wearing-fashionistas.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: What a *great* description, Lyndel DoneGood*Dude! Love it! And yes, hooray to the LiP for never letting up on supporting WKBD...

Doc: I've been told in person Doc, that I look like a clown. I'm going with your comment, however! :-)

Anon: Ha, ha ... I think many a reader and friend in my life would agree with the *fruit* label! Well Done!

David: Now you've certainly got the eye, and the wit to bring together a comment lovely xo