Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 303/365

Glasses from Japan, handmade heart earrings, Ken Done silk scarf (WKBD Collection), Saba top, Ralph Lauren shorts from op shop, Juicy Couture boots, Ken Done bag donated by Susan.

Ken Done artist silk scarf = love. Oh hold on, perhaps the equation is better stated as any Ken Done = love!

Pattern look familiar? See here and here...

And you too can join in the 1980s Ken Done *love* too... all items up on this charity eBay round now. Incidentally, some friends have told me they're coming to Sydney WKBD trivia wearing Ken Done... why not pick up some of your own too, and join us there for some *good* fun?! xo


What Ken Be Done? said...

Sorry folks, I'm hearing people are having problems commenting today... let's hope by tomorrow it is sorted!!

(Yep, that's as tech-savvy as I get!!)


Popsie said...

Who could have known that high-waisted mustard shorts could work so well (...or could work at all)