Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 305/365

Glasses from Japan, earrings from US, Uniqlo skivvy, Tatty Devine necklace, FAKE Ken Done necklace and brooch, vintage handmade dress, stockings from Japan, Fluevogs, Ken Done bag from Birdmonkey.

In my pre-WKBD days, I was happily collecting Ken Done, and one day stumbled across an eBay listing for six or so Ken Done animals, like the one I'm wearing today. It was so exciting, and although there was no Ken Done signature, I was pretty sure it was KD because I already owned the KD kookaburra brooch (first seen Day 19/365). Well, I'm sorry to say that since this time I've checked with The Ken Done Oracle - otherwise known as Cousin Christine - and it turns out none of it is Ken Done. All fakes! All Ken Done rip-offs!

Thank *goodness* then that I have Inspiration Fridays, and that I can still show these 'Inspired' Ken Done meets wonderful Keith Harring neon animals anyway.

And I feel a little like my clashing reds, purples and pinks plus my necklace speaks to all the judgements about the Royal Wedding today... love it, loathe it, tacky, stylish... it's your call to make!
Oh, I know this might be a little out of place, but I also just had to show that these Japanese stockings have toe dividers. Love it! Sorry to any people, like the LiP, who hate close-up shots of people's feet! But it's happy days I guess, to any foot-fetishists out there: you get an 'extra' Inspiration today! :-)


birdmonkey said...

not a foot fetishist but love the toe stockings. More K D fakes not surprising with the amount of poor rip off you see in op shops.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this website today and instantly thought of you....then your posted about your stocking and it all fits nicely :-)

Hope they deliver to Aus...I want 3 socks, which don't match!

Anonymous said...


What Ken Be Done? said...

Birdmonkey: These stockings ROCK! So comfy, and I for one think foot fetishists can't be the only ones who get to enjoy feet - not when the Japanese peoples have used toe socks so well for centuries! Hooray for toe-socks!

Anon: I looked at the site... and 2 things immediately sprang to mind: 1. Those socks are SO fun! Love it - especially the whole x 3 thing.
2. There's something *odd* about the fact that it seems like marketeers only brand full colour to tweens... when we can ALL wear colour - and have fun. Bring back colour, bring back 1980s colour-clash!

Anon x 2: Princess, or perhaps 1980s Ken Done fanzilla?!!