Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 337/365: Feeling the sunrays...

Glasses from Japan, earrings from US, Leona Edmiston dress from op shop, Tatty Devine brooch, Ken Done silk scarf (WKBD Collection), Sportscarft top from op shop, belt from op shop, Fleuvogs, Ken Done tote donated by Cousin Christine.

Yesterday I found out the hard way that my lovely boots actually had a hole in the sole... so *nice* to spend a day with one wet foot! In response today I'm moving forward with a *good* dose of irony and a *good* dose of 1980s Ken Done. According to the bom.gov.au (one of my favourite sites), there's a 99% chance of rain in Sydney today.... so I figure then it is an ideal time to showcase this Ken Done beach scene silk scarf! I've also got my Tatty Devine lobster brooch on to remind me of those summer days when it's so hot I turn bright red with only a few minutes in the sun!

Check out too the *fantastic* photo sent in from Sarah (who donated this rad Ken Done t-shirt). Sarah writes, "I'm a bit embarrassed that these are my parents"; they're going to a fancy dress party as Kel Knight and Kath Day from Kath and Kim. I reckon Sarah's Dad has *Done SO Well* in Ken Done! A super thanks to Sarah and her wonderful folks for sharing such a great live Ken Done photo! xo

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 336/365

Ken Done glasses, Photios Brothers vintage earrings, Saba silk skirt suit from op shop (see jacket in third photo), Ken Done t-shirt donated by Sally, school skivvy from op shop, Campers.

Wow, there's something about this combination on camera that even makes me want to tick 'Bleeding Eyes' straight away! I'm trying to convince myself that in person it's not quite so stark... but maybe I should just admit that after 336 days in my pursuit of 'Ken Done and 1980s Aussie fashion' celebration, it really IS having an impact on my brain!!

Also a *lovely* reminder where we first saw the shirts; our stunning Ken Done tourists, Sally and Duncan. Hot! Sally, thanks for yet another donation in support of The Social Studio. I can't wait to be there in person this Friday!
If you're free this Thursday night and in Sydney, I'm talking at the next Pecha Kucha gig. All the details here and I'd *love* to see you there! xo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 335/365

I've spent the day walking about the Inner West of Sydney looking for a suitable snowfield for my 1980s ski-type attire to look at home in... no luck, I'm afraid.
:-) xo

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 334/365: The cheque is in the mail...

Ken Done scarf, vintage Sunski glasses, earrings from US, necklace gifted by Shane, vintage Escada shirt, Ken Done pants (WKBD Collection), Lacoste boots. Also check out the framed Ken Done picture donated by Susan and also the Ken Done print donated by Cousin Christine at the floor!

Imagine my *pure joy* when yesterday in my letterbox was a cheque to support What Ken Be Done. It's a real paper cheque and it comes with a *lovely* hand-written letter from Margie in Tawoomba. Marge also has donated a Ken Done scarf (a design you've not seen here yet!) and an Australis scarf; both of which I will show to you soon! What a *wonderful* gesture of support; thanks Margie xo :-)

And apologies for the later post today... I've been food shopping and then cleaning the house all day as we're having friends over for dinner. Now the house is scrubbed, and I'm scrubbed and dressed in 1980s dinner-party casuals: a vintage 1980s clown Escada silk shirt and Ken Done cotton pants. (This is my second pair, the first lot worn here). I'm looking forward to an evening of *good* conversation... and I hope you enjoy your own night too...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 333/365: Being *inspired* by 1980s white!

Ken Done glasses, earrings from Japan, Ken Done necklace, vintage white Perri Cutten dress from op shop, vintage Evelyn Neis 1980s Jacket, Ken Done leggings, vintage boots from op shop.

Introducing the 'Being inspired by 1980s fashion' checklist:
-- Shoulder pads? Check.
-- White dress? Check.
-- Batwing jacket? Check.
-- Beading, ribbons and lace applique to jacket? Check.
-- Oversize glasses? Check.
-- Ken Done? Check, check, check!

You too can create your very own 1980s checklist too! So many options! And here's a place to start with the last *essential* item :-) Have a wonderful Friday, dear readers...
Check out this *fantastic* image of Evelyn Neis's fashion from my 1980s Australian fashion bible (by Elina Mackay). Evelyn Neis is so 1980s it almost hurts! Plus she's a South Australian designer, so a shout-out to What Ken Be Done readers in SA xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 332/365: Let's not stop now, we've just broken the $10K mark!

Vintage Sunski glasses, Tatty Devine necklaces, Ben Sherman shirt, Ken Done vest (WKBD Collection), Ken Done skirt, Ojay pants from op shop, Birkenstocks, Destiny Deacon brooch, ring from Iain :-)...

Wow! Round of applause to us all as we've tipped the fundraising total for The Social Studio over $10,000! What an amazing effort!

Let's not stop now, either... there's *so much more good fun* to be had in our last 33 days!! For example, if we raised $15,000 it would create 10 new traineeships for young people at the TSS Collingwood flagship store. And, if we went *Done-Nuts* and raised $30,000 The Social Studio would be able to set up a brand new retail space, giving training and employment opportunities to at least 15 young refugees. Plus we'd be getting *beautiful* sustainable fashion out into new markets!! So please, keep telling your friends, and keep sending out the *good fashion for good* message xo xo

As you do this *good* work, I'll keep showing you some Ken Done gold... like 1980s floral cotton vests!!!!
And my *respectful nod* to mark National Sorry Day by this gorgeous fashion piece: a Destiny Deacon brooch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 331/365: I'm no hand model...

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done brooch made by Bec, vintage handmade 1980s skirt suit from op shop, Fluevogs, Ken Done tote (WKBD Collection), Ken Done coin purse lent by Sally.

Today I'm off to do some media training for my day job. In response I thought I should dress inspired by 1980s newsreader fashion. Oh, how I love puffed-shoulder jackets and magenta!

So as you will see below, I'm no hand model, but I think this blog may just be working in subtly 'selling' the *goodness* that is vintage 1980s Ken Done. Wonderful Sally has again lent today's item: this Harbour Bridge Ken Done coin purse. It comes from her own collection, and she writes, "Can I have the coin purse back please. You have planted the KD seed, and now I'm quite obsessed!' Hooray! And, speaking of which, can I possibly tempt you too? :-) xo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 330/365

Glasses from Japan, Photios Brothers vintage earrings, Uniqlo skivvy, Ken Done scarf on lean from Anne, Yoshi Jones waistcoat, brooch from YoungBloods Market, Carla Zampatti wool pants, Fluevogs.

Sure, I've been wearing Ken Done for 330 days now (only 35 days to go peeps!), but I think this blog may also prove a useful guide to the many, many ways a person can wear a scarf; like this, and this, and this, in the same KD pattern as today. (Or this, for triple-Done scarf excess!) And today I unveil the the cowl neck-style version!

*Props* go out to three people today: Anne for lending me the Ken Done scarf, Sally for organising Anne to lend the scarf, and Clare for being friends with Sally in the first place (because Anne is Clare's Mum). Confused? How about we just 'Hip, hip. hooray' them all!! xo xo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 329/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, Sportscraft skivvy, Ken Done t-shirt dress donated by Bec, vintage Just Jeans leather skirt, Jonathan Aston stockings (I think), Fluevogs.

Darling Bec donated this vintage Ken Done Tahiti t-shirt dress to What Ken Be Done? after she paraded it around so *splendidly* at our Trivia. On a Monday morning back at work I like to think of this as a Ken Done transitional piece... getting ready for a busy week, but with enough playfulness to remember there's always a chance for *fun*!

Are you in Melbourne and want to hear more about The Social Studio and What Ken Be Done? Please take a look at our seminar on Friday 3 June from 4-6pm. I'd love you to send it on to your networks too!

And more charity eBay is up - including some SIGNIFICANT *great* pieces. How can you not afford to be part of the WKBD / Ken Done history?!! xo

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 328/365

Another Sunday, another pair of *wonderful* Ken Done bike pants...

My JOY of all the bike pants** Cousin Christine has donated is exactly equal in measure to the amount of DISTURBANCE it causes the LiP to be seen with me wearing them in public. Perfect!
Ken Done glasses, (probably-fake) Ken Done tote bag, Simona Sport top from second-hand store in Newtown, Ken Done bike pants donated by Cousin Christine, legwarmers, Fluevogs, Gummi bear ring present from Iain.

**Relive the Ken Done bike pants *fun* so far here!

And speaking of reliving Ken Done glory - why don't you be a part of the story too? Please check out the *good* buying to be had at the What Ken Be Done? eBay charity site.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 327/365: You know there's a *problem* when there's pliers and blood!

I'm at home, all alone, and I'm causing trouble - but in a *good* way of course!
Ken Done sunglasses x 2 (WKBD Collection), gifted earrings, Tatty Devine necklace, Ken Done sailboat made and donated by Fiona, American Apparel bodysuit, Ken Done vintage shorts (WKBD Collection), Fluevogs. Photo inspiration from Birdmonkey xo

So I'm running around the house with the LiP's 1980s music collection cranked up, as I organise items to go up on this round of the What Ken Be Done eBay charity sale! My Ken Done item today are these *totally rad* KD classic sunnies. Now, in the interests of being honest, the reason I've got the sunglasses double-up is because I haven't put my prescription in the glasses yet, so I'm not really wearing them to help me see... Still, this has been fun: Double-Done sunglasses, Double-Done sailboat fabric (shorts first worn here and t-shirt first worn here).

In fact, I got so excited about all the colours that I knew it was exactly the right time to share the latest donation from my dear nephew. Check out these great coloured laces (which come from Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation, so another *good* cause)... but better yet, please read this fantastic letter Oliver wrote me:
Favourite line: "I already have colours so I'm giving these laces to you." Classic! And clearly I'm going to have to intervene in Oliver's education to ensure he realises a person can never have enough colours! What a lovely gesture xo

... the only problem was as I was trying to get the laces into my first ever pair of Fluevogs (bought over 13 years ago!) I had to end up using pliers, and then I somehow cut myself in the process! What a gal will do for a *good* cause!!