Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 308/365

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done napkin x 3 as scarf, and belt detail, and wrist band donated by Lyndel, Lauren shirt from Queanbeyan op shop, Saba belt, Ken Done skirt made and donated by The Social Studio, Levante stockings, new socks from Newtown op shop, Camper shoes.

Another day, another set of Ken Done napkins!

These three delights are donated to WKBD from Lovely Lyndel. And if the pattern looks familiar, that's because it is; see here and here. Lyndel, you're a winner!

Now if only being at my workplace meant having a tea party all day, as I'm feeling a lot like eating some *good* Iced VoVos from 9 to 5!


Chris said...

kind of rockabilly. kind of cool

skb said...

I think Mr Done really liked that blue/pink fish fabric! He made a lot of things out of it - that is the same material from the doona cover that was recycled into the dress and skirt Suzanne Starbuck made for you too. I reckon 1980s house decor must have been so much brighter with table ware and bed linen in such fabric.

Lyndel said...

glad you found a good use for the napkins... so handy to have one on your wrist and one on your belt if you are dining out!!

Molly said...

I wish i could click 'like' on your comment Lyndel

birdmonkey said...

and want to click "like" on Molly's